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 The concept and importance of public opinion developed gradual, along with the evolution of democratic institutions. In the past, political authority remained concentrated mostly either in one person or in an elite group while general people were deprived of political participation. People were regarded unfit to rule or make decisions about their political destiny. With the growth of democratic institutions, this assumption was gradually discarded.


 Generally speaking, public opinion means the views of people, but it does not imply the unanimous verdict as a people can rarely develop complete consensus on any issue. In fact, public opinion is the people’s opinion formed in the general interest and is not synonymous with the opinion of the majority

Formation of public opinion:


 In the formation of public opinion, Press, especially newspapers and magazines, perform a vital role. The newspapers Provide Information through news and project a particular point of view through editorial notes. Legislative proceedings are regularly reported in the newspapers, making it possible for the electorate to know the output of their representatives.

Electronic Media:

 Electronic media has rather dominated the Communication activity in the present world. Millions of people daily listen to radio and watch television programmes that provide information and telecast different events of national and international character. Hence illiterate masses can also avail themselves of the communication is provided by the electronic media

Educational Institutions:

 Educational institutions also influence and shape public opinion as the views developed in the minds of youth have lasting effects throughout their lives. Educated classes are the most precious assets of a nation and their opinion is always valued for in to shaping public opinion,

Political Parties:
 The most organised and effective form of propaganda to the one as adopted by political parties. order to influence public opinion, modem political parties make ‘effective use of literature, newspaper, magazines and of other channels of communication. Debate and criticism among the rival parties is an important source of public information. Political parties present intricate political problems in a simple and intelligible manner and try to mobilise public opinion in the light of their programmes

Legislative Proceedings:

 Reports of the proceedings of the legislative assemblies published in the daily newspapers, are also important source of pubic information, hence a useful channel of influencing public opinion, As the legislators enjoy maximum freedom of expression on the floor of the legislative chambers, they can speak out their mind without any fear

Personal Observation:

While framing their opinion, people do not rely merely on the intonation provided by others; as citizens they are also acute observers of events. They have to face divergent problems in routine life as customers, sellers, businessmen and as employees working in different departments. Such personal observations and experiences are taken as the most authentic source of information that shapes the opinion of the citizens.

Steps to make public opinion efficient:


Interest in public issues and proper platform to check in the people using bad use of their knowledge over unaware people can helps to make an effective public opinion.


A sense of tolerance should be awakened within people so that they can hear the opposite side and makes the freedom of expression as a good source of public opinion.

Freedom of expression:

Free discussion and freedom of expression is a vital part to make a public opinion effective as people can express their views on a topic freely without any interference.

Freedom of publications & press:

A sufficient and complete freedom should be provided to press and publications for flow of information on which people can form an effective opinion over matters relating.

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