General View Of twelve table of Roman Legal System

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General View Of twelve table of Roman Legal System

Twelve tables

Table I:
Proceedings Preliminary to Trial

Table II:

Table III:
Execution of Judgment

Table IV:
Paternal Power: this includes the power of father over his son and if a child is born within 10 months of death of father, he has share in inheritance.

Table V:
Inheritance and Guardianship: it discusses about guardianship of women, insane and their estate inherited by them. Women are under guardianship of male agnate but they cannot have authority over her estates unless she allows.

Table VI:
Ownership and Possession: it discusses about contract relating to property, possession, rules relating to land, prescriptive right of land for native and aliens.

Table VII:
Real Property

Table VIII:
Torts or Delicts

Table IX:
Public Law: it discusses about trial, punishment(mainly capital punishment), investigation of offences

Table X:
Sacred Law: these deals with the death and funeral of any concerned person. No excessive 

Table XI:
Supplementary Laws:

Table XII:
Supplementary Laws: these deals with matters with slaves

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