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Guide with complete Details and information of LAT.

LAT Information GUIDE

Law Admission test
LAT Law Admission Test Announcement

Register for LAT

LAT stands for Law Admission Test. As the name says it is an entry test for admission in Law & it is conducted by HEC. LAT is necessary for LLB by the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It is conducted Twice a year according to the HEC official announcement. HEC is responsible for LAT to be conducted without issues. You will have to obtain 50% marks to be considered Passed in this test.

LAT Eligibility:

  1. Students who are waiting for their intermediate result are eligible to apply for LAT.
  2. Students who have already passed the intermediate with 45% marks are eligible.
  3. Students who have passed Equivalent Degree of intermediate from a verified institute are eligible for this test.
  4. Students with 12 years of schooling (HSSC) or equivalent.

It should be noted that some Universities have internal Admission Test systems which may have different rules and requirements.

LAT is MCQs based and Personal Statement + Essay

HEC BANK Account Details from HEC previous Announcements:


Account Title: Higher Education Commission

Account No. 1742 7900 133401

Bank: Habib Bank Limited, 

Branch Code: 1742

Bank Draft/Pay Order will also be accepted.


These bank details are valid for LAT only and before you proceed with payment verification from the Latest HEC announcement from their official HEC website or official means as they can change the account any time they feel like changing it.

This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Benefits of LAT:
  1. Result of LAT is valid for 2 years after Passing LAT.
  2. LAT is held twice by HEC in Pakistan in a year.
  3. LAT is based on general information that you may have studied before in your previous classes or your daily general information.
  4. LAT does not have any recommended books for preparation. Students cannot cheat using books easily available in the market since the MCQs are general Knowledge based and books cannot be updated so often.
  5. Students who have taken the LAT test will have verified degrees and will not have to take any other test after the completion of their LLB 5 Years degree.
  6. Students who have passed the LAT test and complete their LLB 5 Years degree will be easily recognized by all educational and Pakistan based agencies as well as outside of Pakistan. They will be easily able to get license from Pakistan Bar Council for practicing LAW.
  7. If a student fails LAT, he/she can take LAT again the next time it is announced but he/she will have to re-register for it on HEC official LAT TEST REGISTRATION PORTAL.

The reason these details have been mentioned is because some websites are providing false information about this. I will add the link to this portal below in the heading of how to register yourself.

NOTE for Students:
  1. There is a lot of fake information provided on social media and websites on the internet as they do not thoroughly investigate what they are sharing or providing. So, always check from the official HEC website and social media pages. Or any other official website.
  2. Many internet-based information helper websites are providing fake information or outdated information so students should verify from official sources.
  3. If you download any Past Papers or Study material Such as test books or MCQs get them verified from the institute or some related law professor.

Information from official sources:

  1. From the above announcements you can view the paper pattern.
  2. From the above announcements you can view that you can take the LAT test waiting for the final result of the intermediate or equivalent degree result.
  3. From the above announcements you can see that your LAT Pass result is valid for 2 years. In case you are not able to take admission during the valid period of LAT test Result then after the valid period of 2 Years ends you will have to retake the test.
  4. From the above announcements you can view that HEC official Web URL for LAT is etc.hec.gov.pk 
  5. From the above announcements You can get the official bank account information where you are required to submit the fee. If someone tells you to give more than this fee mentioned in the announcement banner is probably over charging you or if any other bank account is provided than this then you are being scammed.
  6. After the registration date has expired etc the portal stays open but you can no longer apply for the LAT from the portal while you can submit your details.
  7. Roll no slip may be sent from mail or email or you may have to download from HEC official website. It is free of cost to download from the HEC website. Only printing the slips has any cost.
  8. You should have this roll no slip when you go to take this test.
    You should also have your CNIC or Bay form with you on the time of examination as HEC may disqualify you from this test for not having proof or documents.
  9. You can choose during the registration process which city your exam is conducted in. The only con of this is that LAT is only conducted in major cities such Lahore & Islamabad.

Links of social media pages and the HEC official website will be added at the end of this document. You should follow their official pages as they make announcement posts there with official information.

Recommended BOOK:

LAT & GAT both were introduced to assess the student information and abilities. That’s why LAT does not have a recommended book or syllabus, it is based on General Knowledge and Information + Currently Affairs.
Method to find the most best book for LAT.
1. Find a book that have current affairs of Pakistan or international of current year and book should be published within 3 months of announcement of Law admission test by HEC. 

Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot

We were the only college on the time of first LAT to provide free of cost Registration service to all students. We also helped many students to self-sign up on the HEC portal. We helped students in any possible way we could provide them help at that time. We still do provide many services for LAT including free Registration.

Our college does offers LAT preparation classes for students who want admission in LAW. We use our own material for preparing students or selected material from many mixed books. Since there is no recommended book by HEC.

Our college also offers a free of cost registration facility through our college. We have been providing this service since LAT was made necessary by the order of the supreme court. This facility is available for all students who want to take the test. We will do the registration or guide the student for self-registration in case he/she wants to do the registration by themselves. 

If there is any fee announced by HEC in the LAT registration open Announcement then students have to submit that fee directly in the HEC BANK ACCOUNT. (HEC in the start provided LAT free of cost than the later announced fee which currently is ~ Rs.500 per student). 

LAT examination is held in only Major cities such as Lahore & Islamabad. Our College does provide students transportation facility on the day of LAT Examination on a small fee which includes Pickup from our college to the Examination Centre and waits for them to complete their examination and then brings them Back to our college (may even contain the food/refreshment stops depending on the situation).

Online Past Papers for LAT are not currently available. Some websites are providing fake or unrelated LAT Past Papers as LAT is based on General Information that you already have read in your previous classes and does not contain Chemistry, Physic, Computer or Advance math such geometry or arithmetic Specific questions. LAT is based on only general questions such as Pakistan study, Units, basic definitions, Basic Math & many more general information that you should have already studied in your previous classes or you have heard about it in your daily life. The test is not specific to a certain board or book as it is based on General Information so the test can contain questions such as Who is the current PM of Pakistan?
What is the electric cost per unit in Pakistan?

Our college is working on making Study material / notes for this test since currently there is no book available in the market that fulfils the requirements. These Notes/study materials will have an online version as well for online education purposes.

Some of the material is already available in the form or recorded lectures and Special MCQs Lecture on our YouTube Channel.
GAT is for LLB 3 Years Students. It is not applicable to students of LLB 5 Years.

For Registration of LAT

Link to Registration portal:

Link to Youtube Video as helping material:

Link to HEC official Registration PDF guide:

If you have any complaints regarding the portal or any of their services kindly contact the HEC official Helpline and number given above in the announcements.

Just In case if you do not want to do it Yourself. We will do the registration free of cost, you only pay the registration fee to HEC in their own account. 

Contact us: 03007107387, 03446350211

We also hold classes for LAT Preparation.

We also provide Transportation facilities for LAT on the day of the test for a small fee.

For Students information:

HEC stands for Higher Education Commission.

LAT stands for Law Admission Test.

ETC stands for Education Testing Council.

NTS stands for National Testing Service.

PBR stands for Pakistan Bar Council.

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

GAT stands for Graduate Assessment Test 

FB stands for Facebook.

AILC stands for Allama Iqbal Law College.

PU stands for Punjab University.

SKT stands for Sialkot.

LHR stands for Lahore.

KHI stands for Karachi.

AIOU stands for Allama Iqbal Open University.

PEC stands for Pakistan Engineering Council.

PMC stands for Pakistan Medical Council.

TMA stands for Tehsil Municipal Administration.

PIA stands for Pakistan International Airline.

These are some references used in the document. If you are going to take the LAT Test then you would be better to memorize these as these fall into the General Information/Knowledge category and ETC may add these in the test of LAT. 

Contact us for Allama Iqbal Law College: 

Our Website: allamaiqballawcollege.edu.pk

Our second website: Allamaiqballawcollege.com

Our 3rd Website: Allamaiqballawcollege.net

Principal Office Contact No.

Mobile No. 03007107387 (Jazz)

WhatsApp Contact# 923378648001

[email protected]

Email Address:

[email protected]

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College Address:

Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot

Harrar After Sublime Chowk Near Total Petrol Pump Sialkot.


Contact Nos. can be contacted in office timing.

Our Official Website:






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We have many other websites kindly visit this links to stay updated on the matter.

Contact No. 03446350211, 03007107387

Google MAPS

Link to Google Maps to view on browser or Google Maps App.


We are trying to get past papers from HEC but so far no use.
We hope HEC takes few seconds to provide some Past Papers or atleast post them on their own website.

Paper Pattern of LAT & Marks Distribution

Sample HEC Paper


Instruction for Students who are attempting LAT by HEC


YouTube explanation video.

This video was not published by us nor we have any affiliates with the youtube channel. Random Youtuber Contest which was found very useful has been linked for visitors. LAT Law Admission Test Explaned.

Click here to Learn More about Self Registration of LAT

HEC Registration Website

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