IT Skills Chapter 1 (2020)

1. What is information technology (I.T.)? Describe it:


Information Technology:

The technology used for communicating information is called Information technology or IT. It is the combination of telecommunication technology and computer technology (hardware and software). It combines computing with high-speed communication links for carrying data from one place to another, all over the world.


Website is a type of information technology.

Followings are major components of information technology. 

  1. Data or information
  2. Medium or communication network
  3. Computer hardware and software 

Before information technology, telephone system was the only source of communication. Today, in addition to telephone system, fax machines, mobile phones, and computer networks are the main sources of communication. The users can share and exchange information (or messages) all over the world through computer networks (i.e. Internet) or mobile phone networks. Computer hardware and software are playing main role in information technology. 

The world has become a global village due to information technology. The global village means that people living in the world know each other as if they are living in a village. People can exchange information or messages in such a manner as if they are sitting in a drawing room, face to face.

 Digital Convergence:

Due to the information, technology, different organizations, industries and institutions are linked with each other. They are linked with each other by using modern technology and other electronic devices. This electronic merging of different organizations, industries and institutions to exchange information between them is called digital convergence. The information can be in the form of video, audio, text, and graphics etc.

Computer connects with each other over the globe.

Q:2. What is Computer? Write down uses of Computer in daily life and also mention the uses of a computer?

Answer: Computer is derived from the word “compute”, which means to calculate. A computer is an electronic device which executes software programs. It consists of two parts hardware and software. The computer processes input through input devices like mouse and keyboard. The computer displays output through output devices like color monitor and printer.  The size of a computer varies considerably from very small, to very big. The speed of computers also has a very large range. Computers have become indispensable in today’s world. Millions of people use computers all over the world.


“Computer is an electronic machine which takes input, processes it and converts it into output”


“A Computer is a modern electronic machine that is used to   solve different kinds of problems according, to a set of   instructions given to it”. 


“Computer is an electronic machine which takes input from user processes it, memorizes it and gives output to the user”


Uses of Computer:

Some common purposes of computer are as under:

1. We can use Computer for learning and collaborating with each other. Such as achieving online education from any part of world.

2. We can send messages to our friends, relatives and family   members anywhere in the world using internet within few seconds.

3. We can use computer to get news and updates not just from our local area but all over the world and we can verify the information from the official authorities on the go.

4. Computer are used in businesses for data processing. Such as many companies use the product data that was purchased the most and the product that didn’t get as many purchases to find the reason and improve the product according to the output of the computer after processing the input data.

5. Computers are used in banks for maintaining records & to provide online facilities such as net-banking, ATM, Internet banking, on the go banking or mobile banking.

6. Computers are used in departmental stores for maintaining stock, selling medicine online and purchasing medicine from international companies.

7. We can now use computers to do online shopping & selling our old used goods to others.

8. Many businesses now a day’s use computer to sell products all over the world and purchase products online from all over the world.

9.  Computers are used to make good defenses for a country. Many countries are using computers to create virtual data and process how good a defense system will perform in reality.

10. Computer is a helpful machine for the students to get up to date education from the all over the world such as distance learning has been made easy because of computer.
11. We can permanently store data in the computer. Such as NADRA has all the record of Pakistani Nationalist in their computers and servers.

12. Computers are used by companies to promote their businesses and products all over the world using E-Advertisements. These advertisements do not need any physical banners, brochures or newspapers, they are completely electronic and are environment friendly. E-Advertisements stands for electronic advertisements.

13. We can use computer for playing games. Many individuals have been using computers for gaming and now a days there are international level competition that are held online or on some international level platform and if they win, they are reward with many prizes such as money or gold medal etc. These individuals are called gamers.

14. We can also use computer as a television to watch news, movies and dramas or even educational episodes online.

15. Computers are used for weather forecasting.

In today’s era we can use computers for many types of works these are just few of them.

About Images are few of the types and design of computers.

Student Note:

  1. You can skip few uses of computer from this document from memorizing, but you just read of them.
  2. There can be question like:
    1. Write down the uses of a computer?
    1. What are the uses of a computer in modern era?
    1. How a computer benefits an individual in the current era?
    1. How is a computer affecting your daily life?
    1. How is a computer making life easy now a day?

Answer to these above stated questions is already mentioned in the uses of computer. After writing the definition you can write the appropriate example of uses.

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