Law Graduate Assessment test Registration open September 26 2021

Law GAT ( Law Graduate Assessment Test )

Update: Law GAT registration is open by HEC Pakistan till 13 September 2021 and test will be conducted on 26 September 2021

Law Graduate Assessment test Registration open September 26 2021

What is LAW-GAT?
Law Graduate Stands for Law Graduate Assessment Test which was started According to the Pakistan Legal Practitioners & Bar Councils Rules; 1976 a law graduate desirous of seeking enrollment as an Advocate to practice law in Pakistan is required to pass an Assessment Test & by succeeding the test with 50% is required to be eligible to apply to any Bar Council in Pakistan for Law Practice License in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has assigned Education Test Council (ETC) of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) & National Testing Service (NTS™) the responsibility to conduct Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW-GAT™). The Process of Applying for them is different.

In Punjab ETC HEC usually takes this test and in other areas of Pakistan NTS is usually in other Part of Pakistan such as Sindh. You should conform by contacting the Bar Council you are applying; for information on which one they prefer.

LAW Graduate Assessment Test Information 1st Post by HEC Pakistan. Law GAT
All information about HEC LAW GAT Pakistan

Complete Guide For GAT

GAT information for students. 

GAT stands for Graduate Assessment Test and it is held for students who have completed LLB 3 years or LLB from another country University.  

In Pakistan HEC and NTS conduct these kinds of tests. While some Universities have their separating Test requirements. 

For PAKISTAN BAR COUNCIL license HEC (Higher Education Commission) is responsible to take this test. 

GAT is not required for students of LLB 5 Years for any recognized University and college as they already have to take LAT for admission. LAT stands for Law Admission Test. 

GAT is required according to new rules if you want to get License after completing LLB 3 Years or equivalent from International University. Pakistan Bar Council will not issue licenses according to the new rules applicable from 2018 until the student has passed the GAT test with minimum marks which for HEC is 50 out of 100 marks.  GAT is usually held 3 times a year and the Maximum a student can take this test is 3 times as stated by HEC.  

GAT has a test fee of Rs. 3000/- Per Test. It is to be submitted in HEC only account details as below: 

Bank account Information


Account No. 01127900567403 

Account Title: Higher Education Commission 

Bank: Habib Bank Limited, Branch Code: 0112 



Applicants are required to submit a copy of their LLB degree / detailed transcripts of marks certificates of LLB (Final Year) examination and deposit slip / bank draft at Room No-212, 2nd Floor, HRD Building-HEC, H-8 Islamabad. 

Limitation of TEST: 

The License will only be issued by Pakistan Bar Council if he/she fulfils all the requirements of Pakistan Bar Council if any. 

Date of Test: 

It is usually announced when Registration is opened for the GAT by HEC. It is mentioned in the announcement in the Date of Test section. 

Last Date of GAT registration: 

It is usually announced when Registration is opened for the GAT by HEC. It is mentioned in the announcement in the Deadline of Online Registration section. 

While you can find any other information in the past announcements as added below in this document: 

This article was written by Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot to help students for GAT test. 

There is some mis-information on the internet Regarding GAT. 

GAT is not for students of LLB 5 Years who have already taken the LAT Test and passed with 50% Marks. 

LAT is Law admission test is based on the General Information you may have learned in your previous education or General Every daily life. 

GAT is based on the information from Previously You may have read in your Graduate Classes including but not limited to previous education or General Every daily life. 

Note: There two Types for GAT. 

  1. The GAT that is done to get License from Pakistan Bar Council of Pakistan is called Law-GAT. 
  2. GAT is also conducted to continue study into further classes after Graduation such as M.Phil. It may have different requirements but this test is conducted by NTS (National Testing Service) while both of them have a requirement of 50% to pass this test. 

Student should make sure: 

Always check with your University for their requirement before applying as some have different requirements. 

Always make sure that you have the necessary documents while registration and during the test. Because if you are missing any required document on the time of any of these you will be disqualified from the test according to the rules stated by HEC and NTS about these tests. 

Always provide a clear copy of documents and clear readable scans for registration with the current picture with blue background. 

We have seen students get disqualified due to these reasons or their results were not announced. 

There are no recommended books that Guarantees your success in this test. But there are books that are great as helping material for these tests but even these books should be combined with some more study materials. These books are very bulky as they can contain more than 500 Pages of MCQs. Choose Wisely. 

LAT and GAT both are the tests introduced to stop fake degree holders.

Eligibility Criteria

Students that have passed LLB 3 Years (final year) examination from a University that is recognized by Pakistan Bar Council, with minimum Seventeen years of Education are eligible to apply for (LAW-GAT™).



Source of this post of HEC:

Other Terms and Conditions

Only LAW Graduates are eligible to apply.
Candidates are required to submit LL.B degree with copies of detailed transcript/marks certificates of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years LL.B examination. In case LL.B degree has not been issued the candidate may submit detailed transcript marks certificate of LL.B (final year) examination.
Candidates have maximum of three chances to clear the test, NTS™ conducts the test thrice in a year.
Students awaiting result are not eligible to apply.
50% score is required to qualify the assessment test.
Candidates will have to meet other criteria, if any, as per rules and regulations of the Pakistan Bar Council.

Source of NTS information:

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