Website has been redesigned and has been updated with many new features.
Due to New Features have decreased website performance.
Within Next few month our website will be receiving more traffic than usual.
We will be publish alot more content as well.
We will be adding guides and notes etc start within few months.
We also have a separate part of website dedicated to Islamic Content with free study material & complete advertisement free.
We will post all important notification on this website.
We will be posting important material here soon.
Some Special material will be made available which will only be available on this website.
College related updates probably won’t be added on this website. For college related update another site will be recoded.
Free New lectures and notes will be added within few months.
Website is still be modified in the background so with you are unable to access website consider waiting few minutes as code updates take few minutes of propagate.
This website will have multi-download links for most content.
This website will be advertisement supported except Islamic content Part won’t have ads as well as less distractions.
Keep checking this website atleast once a month.

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